Enhance your family & couple session with a clear idea.

Following article will introduce a few tips how to make your photo sessions magical by creating the momentum through good guidance. There is two goals that you should achieve in your session. First you should make your clients relax and feel comfortable in your presence. On the other hand you should try to push your clients out of their comfort zones. Here is how to get there.

Start your photo session slow

Every photo session needs some warm up time so don´t jump right into the actions shots. Connect with the client first, introduce yourself and ask about them or there prior experiences with photography. You will find out fast how comfortable they will feel in front of a camera. If they are new to the field try to relax with them . Don´t leave all to your client, direct them into the intimate moment that will make a good photograph. Ask them to turn the head slightly or move a leg forward slowly. The right choice of words is important to help convey the delicacy you need to take a good picture.

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Introduce movement and keep moving yourself

Movement is crucial to get motion and emotion into photography. Make your clients have a walk along the beach and join them. Don´t let the subject just pass your camera. You can´t have a stationary attitude towards something that is moving. Walk around your clients and stay agile. If you usually like to shoot in situations where your subjects are illuminated by direct light from the front try to take their pictures also while backlit. Counter lightening usually more dramatic and sometimes gives you surreal results.

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You can even go further and make your clients run. It helps to release emotions and totally forget the camera. In case your clients are ready to get sporty try to motivate them like a fitness coach. Make the pull each other while running. If they are lacking in dynamics don´t hesitate to grab a clients hand to demonstrate. Just be careful not to push something the clients doesn’t really want to do as you never know the reason why a specific pose makes the client feel uncomfortable.

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You can dance!

In photography everyone is a good dancer. Make the client twirl and stretch arms and maybe you can even play a song through your phone. Tell them to bring tension to every part of their body and motivate your client to give it all. Don´t be afraid to suggest dancing poses even if you think you´re not good at it. Seeing that you are not taking yourself too seriously will help the client to open up himself. Also shouting commands like “more power” or “more drama” will help to get the energy you´re looking for. Remember that the more energy you bring into a shoot the more you will affect the outcome.

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Everyone is special

Make your client see their beauty. Don´t be afraid to tell them what you like about their appearance. Compliments don´t only help to get good photographs you will also lighten up the clients day.

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Take a step back

Take a step back and invite your clients to do the same. Finish the session by giving the client their own space. Operate from distance and snoop around working silently. Like this you will get good shots of trusted intimacy.

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